2015 was a great first year and I wanted to thank everyone that was able to share it with me! Here's a look back at my 10 favourite sessions from 2015. Cheers to 2016, I can't wait for all of the new friends and adventures that lie ahead! Happy New Year!!  

10. The Martin's | Family

I had such a blast with the MartinFamily! I fell in love with Jack and Jeter. Jack is such a riot, he made me laugh all afternoon and again while I was editing his pictures. The older Martin boys were so patient with him and kept him entertained during the entire session, what amazing uncles! And Lynette is one of the most beautiful grandmas I've ever seen! I could go on and on about this session; great clients, beautiful weather, and laughs all afternoon! 

9. Steven & Pam | A Wedding Film

I had a blast filming Steven & Pam's wedding day. They were so easy going and nice to work with. I absolutely loved their intimate ceremony and reception. They were surrounded by their closest family and friends and had a BBQ to celebrate their new union, that's what I call a perfect day. Their dog Missy joined in the celebration and walked with Steven down the aisle. Congratulations Pam & Steve! Thank you for letting me capture your simply beautiful wedding day

8. Kayla & Brett | Maternity

I was absolutely over the moon when Kayla told me that she and her hubby Brett were expecting! She has been such an amazing friend and I loved working with her on my Secret Garden Film and photoshoot, I can't wait to work with her on many other projects in the future. She is like my real life fairy godmother, whether it's my hair or something going on in my life, Kayla is always there with amazing advice. Her salon, Encore Hair Studio, is one of my favourite companies to work with and the ONLY place I will ever go to get my hair done. They train in Beverly Hills (how amazing is that?!) and use the best products. I always leave feeling more beautiful inside and out. Kayla is going to make such an amazing mother and Brett will be a great dad. I couldn't be happier for them. I can't wait to meet Baby Piecharka coming March 2016

7. Micaela & Jeff | Baby Announcement 

I was so happy to shoot Micaela and Jeff's 2nd baby announcement! Micaela is absoulutely glowing and their little boy Jackson was so cute! They were such a fun family to work with and Im so happy they asked me to capture this milestone. 

6. Braden Johnson | Physique 

I had a blast working with Braden on his physique photo shoot. I was so happy when Braden approached me about doing a fitness session. We've known each other since elementary school and it's been amazing to see him transform on his fitness journey. A few years ago Braden was in a bad car accident and was told he could never play sports again. Thanks Braden for letting me capture a part of your incredible journey. Keep kicking ass and inspiring others around you.  

5. Keana Kotke | Senior 

Anytime I get to shoot the Kotke family I know I'm going to have a good time, Keana's session was no exception. She absolutely nailed it. I am in LOVE with her beautiful dress, and look at those gorgeous green eyes. Congratulations Keana on your graduation, I cannot wait to see what your future holds!

4. Ladybug Arborists | Business 

I had such a fun morning session with the Ladybug Arborists team. Maureen is so fun and out going and her team was up for anything, even a leaf fight! It was really interesting to watch them work and climb up high into the trees. I can't wait to see more images from our session up on their new website. 

3. Tim & Kelli-Rae | Couple

I've known Kelli-Rae for just over a year now, and I am so incredibly happy she is a part of my life. She has taught me so much about being a business owner! (She is a bomb business coach for TMH Business Solutions.) But most importantly she showed me how to be HAPPY. Kelli is an incredible speaker and wrote a wonderful book called Hopeless to Happy. Kelli and Tim exuded happiness during their session. Although, it could have been because of their adorable Pitbulls ;) They were so relaxed and easy going, I could have photographed them all day. 


2. The Secret Garden | Fashion Film & Photoshoot 

I had a blast working with these gorgeous models! Haley Bennett, Cassandra Tamtom, & Ellicia Wade. They looked absolutely beautiful and rocked this creative session. Special thanks to Encore Hair Studio, Splurge, The Norland Luxury Bed and Breakfast & Suites, & The Rose Garden for donating their services and time to this project.


1. Nana | Family 

I was lucky enough to get some family photos of my own family in October. Although I didn't "technically" take all of these photos, (Thanks Debbie & Carter) I was really happy with them and that we got to take some time and spend it with my Nana before she passed away. 
"In our hearts forever and always." Xxo