Traditionally the bride and groom wait until walking down the aisle to see each other, but more and more couples are opting to break tradition. A "first look" is a moment set up by the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony. Normally, this moment would take place away from family and friends to give them some privacy and make that moment just for them. The photographer and videographer would tag along to capture their reactions. I've listed off some of the reasons I recommend including a "First Look" to your wedding day timeline.

1. Goodbye Nerves

Weddings can be stressful, especially if you or your groom don't like to be the center of attention.  Doing a first look can help calm those nervous jitters before walking down the aisle. 

2. Quality Photo/Video Time

Many couples dedicate some time between their ceremony and their reception to snap some shots to commemorate their wedding day. If you’re doing a "first look", you can bring your wedding party along to do pictures afterward. That means you get time to actually enjoy your reception!

3. Private Moment 

Ask anyone, your wedding day can be a whirlwind! But by scheduling in a "first look" you have a great opportunity to stop and appreciate your partner.  It's a genuinely beautiful moment before you say "I do." The best part is, this will be a private moment just for the two fo you. 

4. It's FUN!

Seriously, it's one of my favorite parts of the day. It's a magical moment and can help set the tone for the rest of the wedding! If I still haven't sold the idea of the "first look" to you, consider taking some extra time to stage a memorable first look with your dad, grandpa, mom or another special loved one.